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PBC is an ongoing series of podcasts dedicated to the adventures of Frank Castle!

This website is dedicated to Frank Castle, the Punisher! Here you will (eventually) find detailed synopses, reviews, and annotations of every issue of the Punisher and related spin-off comics including Punisher War Journal, Punisher: War Zone, and PunisherMAX. Updates will come on a semi-regular basis and any comments, questions, or requests can be e-mailed here. Click on the images to the right to be taken to pages for each decade of the Punisher's comic life - the 1980s through to the current day - and special sections for the various special editions, mini-series, and crossovers that have been released over the years.

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.:. July 2013:
The Punisher: War Zone (1992) # 12 - "Psychoville U.S.A." Part 1
The Punisher (2011) # 10 - "The Omega Effect" Part 2
The Punisher (1987) # 3 - "The Devil Came From Kansas!"
Fury MAX: My War Gone By # 7 - "7: Mister Chained Blue Lightning"
Thunderbolts (2013) # 1 - "Enlisted"
Punisher (1995) # 5 - "Firepower!"
The Punisher (2001) # 27 - "Elektra"

.:. June 2013:
The Punisher (2004) # 50 - "Long Cold Dark" Part 1
Ghost Rider/Wolverine/Punisher: Hearts of Darkness
The Incredible Hulk (2012) # 8 - "Stay Angry!" Part 1
Daredevil: End of Days # 5 - "End of Days" Part 5
Updated Punisher Solicitations - June/July/August 2013

I also want to throw out some attention to several fellow Punisher sites who are friends of the War Room:

The Punisher: Body Count podcast, which you can find a banner link for on the right, is by far the BEST Punisher podcast running (and personally one of my favorite podcasts period).
Frank's Salad Days is a blog by friend Arch Stanton that focuses on the glory days of 1980s Frank Castle. I could spend hours reading posts on this blog, some great great shit to be found therein.
Punisher Central is a fan blog that focuses on current Frank appearances and features from around the web, and it honestly puts my poor site to shame with its dedication.

.:. Spotlight Issue Review:

Fury MAX: My War Gone By # 7
Title: "7: Mister Chained Blue Lightning"
Writer: Garth Ennis
Artist: Goran Parlov

Information: Ennis and Parlov reach the Vietnam War during their exploration of Nick Fury's life in wartime. Enter: Frank fucking Castle!

Grade: A

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